Tunde Kelani

tunde kelani

tunde kelani

The Founder of Mainframe Film Television Productions based out of Lagos, Nigeria, Award winner Tunde Kelani is one of Africa’s prolific and talented Cinematographers.He obtained a Diploma in the Art and Technique of Filmmaking from the London International Film School, London. After many years in the Nigerian Film Industry as a Cinematographer, Mr Kelani has now turned his hand to directing.

Mr Kelani has worked on most feature films produced in the Nigeria in his capacity as a Cinematographer. Some of his 16mm feature films include Anikura, Ogun Ajaye, Iya Ni Wura, Taxi Driver, Iwa and Fopomoyo. In the area of video productions, he has to his credit award-winning feature videos Ti Oluwa Nile, Ayo Ni Mo Fe, Koseegbe and Oleku.

An advocate of ‘Alternative Technology’ in motion picture production in Africa, Mr Kelani has successfully produced and directed two digital features,Saworoide, Thunderbolt. He also completed work one of his latest digital films ‘Agogo-eewo’ shot on widescreen digitally on Dvcam. In addition to the M-net short features films, ‘Twins of the Rainforest’,’A Place Called Home’ and ‘Barber’s Wisdom’ (35MM) , he also photographed, produced and directed a short feature in 16mm ‘The White Handkerchief’ in the same series. He has since added ” The Campus Queen” “Abeni” and “The Narrow Path” , the first set of works to probe further the possibilities of advanced digital filmmaking. In 2009, his new film “Arugba”, which was screened at the WOCAF festival in 2009, screened in 57 local government and development council areas of Lagos State in Nigeria. Tunde Kelani uses his grassroots Mobile Cinema Project to disseminate information and bring entertainment to marginalized communities.

Director: Ma’ami, Arubga, Efunsetan Aniwura: The Real Story behind Iyalode of Ibadan, The Narrow Path

Maami:Best Director, Best Nigerian Film and Best Actress at Zuma Film Festival
2012 SVAFF Africa Reel Award at The Silicon Valley African Film Festival

(2010, Nigeria)
Single parent Ma’mi and her
young son are desperately poor. 
She isthe centre of her son’s world
he longs for the father he has
never known- a man with a terrible
secret. Video clip


(2008, Nigeria)
Adetutu is on the threshold
of responsibility. She
must juggleher role as Arugba
(the virginwho carries the
sacrificialcalabash during
the Osun Osogbofestival in
Osogbo, Nigeria) in the annual
community festival with her studies at
university. Video clip

efunsetan aniwura

(Nigeria, 2005)
Efunsetan Aniwura, is a powerful,
rich andinfluential High Chief of
Ibadan and her onlychild and
daughter dies during child birth.
With a terrible sense of loss and
the stigmaof not having a descendant
to inherit her legacy,Efunsetan, who
blamed God for hertragedy turns her
anger on the very society she swore to
defend. Video clip